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Dear Moms of Pinterest, I bet your kids are super fevered that it’s Summer. From what I’ve gathered on Pinterest, Summer is now equivalent to a ne'er ending occurrence of Punky Brewster. Am I the but one who feels alarming driving around alleys? I expectancy you stay awhile -- I'd love to get to acknowledge you! It’s obvious that you hold loads of fun thing planned. I’m thinking that maybe you should invite my son playing period for a few days. I don’t true conceive we are intended to take things without authorisation anyways, conscionable saying. Crafts, creative parcel trips, thing bombs ready-made from sponges that you carefully cut into absolutely measured strips… Don’t inform anyone I told you this, but I have been known to let his i Pod babysit him for an hour while I employment (which is code for stalk Facebook, if we are unfeignedly animate thing honest). I have eminent intentions, but things just ne'er work out.

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Double Chocolate Cupcakes and Crispy Magic Frosting - Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

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