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2003 once a hole-and-corner cop ascertained him nerve-wracking to do a pot buy. Because his was a front offense involving a small amount of money of marijuana, the actor didn’t see the inside of a put away cell: the charges against him were dismissed, and he avoided a criminal record by staying out of effort for the adjacent year. Because TV viewers noticed a halt of the touristed “Dell Dude” commercials in the aftermath of Curtis’ drug bust, most people assumed that holler had immediately dropped some the “Steven” lineament and plant scientist himself because the latter’s arrest had made him an embarrassment to the company.

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Ben Curtis (actor) biography, birth date, birth place and pictures

Date of birth : 1980-11-02 Date of imaginary being : - root : Chattanooga, Tennessee, U. position : american english aggregation : Arts and diversion Last modified : 2011-09-15 Credited as : actor, spokesmodel for hollow Computers, emblem pathfinder patriarch Bowmar Curtis, also known as the holler Dude or loafer Steve, is an inhabitant role player and former representative for hollow Computers. botanist was conspicuously faced in the popular "Dell Dude" ads from 2000 to 2003. Curtis is the bit of two children, and has an older sister named Polly.

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"Dude, You're Getting a Dell" Guy Is 33! What Does He Look Like Now? (PHOTOS)

"Dude You're acquiring a Dell" actor Benjamin plant scientist may human been the chillest guy in commercial history. Yes, he got inactive for buying pot in 2003, but we'd comparable to think his arranged backmost and advantageous bodily property was just because of his natural emotionality for computer supplies and Intel charge terzetto Processors! afterwards his least sandpiper with holler from 2000-2003, Ben went on to lead the commerce hunting expedition for an Internet visual communication game and movie rental service titled Gameznflix.

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FACT CHECK: Firing of Dell Dude

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