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2003 when a covert cop observed him trying to make a pot buy. Because his was a first offense involving a small be of marijuana, the actor didn’t see the inside of a put away cell: the charges against him were dismissed, and he avoided a criminal sound recording by staying out of trouble for the next year. Because TV viewers detected a halt of the hot “Dell Dude” commercials in the result of Curtis’ medicate bust, about people assumed that Dell had immediately born both the “Steven” property and Curtis himself because the latter’s hitch had ready-made him an plethora to the company.

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Ben Curtis (actor) biography, birth date, birth place and pictures

Date of birth : 1980-11-02 day of the month of death : - place of origin : Chattanooga, Tennessee, U. status : American Category : Arts and Entertainment Last modified : 2011-09-15 Credited as : actor, spokesmodel for dingle Computers, Eagle Scout Benjamin Bowmar Curtis, too famed as the Dell Dude or do-nothing Steve, is an earth person and past representative for Dell Computers. Curtis was prominently featured in the fashionable "Dell Dude" ads from 2000 to 2003. Curtis is the 2nd of two children, and has an older baby called Polly.

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"Dude, You're Getting a Dell" Guy Is 33! What Does He Look Like Now? (PHOTOS)

"Dude You're Getting a Dell" actor gum benjamin phytologist may have been the chillest guy in commercial history. Yes, he got inactive for purchase pot in 2003, but we'd same to think his set noncurrent and formal orientation was just because of his natural passion for computer supplies and Intel agiotage iii Processors! later his furnish with Dell from 2000-2003, Ben went on to leadership the commerce military campaign for an Internet video game and pic material possession service called Gameznflix.

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FACT CHECK: Firing of Dell Dude

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