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There are more way to define governing subjection of its citizens, and surely many examples of it in U. mayhap that was the location that apostle Antle well-intentioned to make in his recent piece “Why Conservatives Say No” when he derided the scrutiny of the dark civil rights struggle of the 20. And no doubt some government impositions on individual freedom have been broader than others or have had more distributed and deadlier consequences. “For liberals, every cultural periodical is Selma,” he wrote.

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Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families: A Handbook for Therapists. This handbook offers a refreshing alternative by recognizing gays and lesbians as many-sided individuals whose sexual placement is but one characteristic that composes their sense of identity. All too a great deal literature focuses on gays and lesbians in isolation and defines them solely by their sexual orientation. These accounts are nicely balanced with theory and empirical research, which cater quality and finding for gays and lesbians.

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A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage and Constitutional Law | Dissent Magazine

All intersectant our country, in every region, every social class, all race and ethnicity, all religion or non-religion, hoi polloi get married. For many if not most people, moreover, marriage is not a trivial matter. It is a key to the pursuit of happiness, thing people draw a bead on to—and donjon aspiring to, over again and again, true once their participate has been far from happy.

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Why Gay Rights Are Civil Rights—and Simply Right | The American Conservative

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