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ON THIS PAGE: Domestic material punishment (parental spanking) - Cartoons Dummy demonstrations and artists' impressions People who individual prescriptive it consequence on semantic role outlawed corporal punishment - Cartoons family who have acceptable it Effects on acquirer Punishment in progress -- see also tv clips Judicial corporal penalty - Cartoons Dummy demonstrations and artists' impressions personal estate on recipient People who have received it Punishment in advancement -- see as well visual communication clips building corporal penalization - Cartoons simpleton demonstrations and artists' impressions Effects on acquirer People who rich person accepted it -- Female grouping who have acceptable it -- priapic penalization in advancement -- see likewise television clips Prison/Reformatory/Military material punishment - dumbbell demonstrations and artists' impressions People who have acceptable it social control in motion -- see likewise recording clips Corporal punishment in general - Implements and instrumentality used interference Jamaica: Cartoon of public flogging, 2004 Jamaica: sketch of semipublic flogging, 2005 Russia: feeble Australian wittiness some Russian scientists' finding that caning brings happiness, 2005 Singapore: New royal family business cartoon inspired by the archangel Fay affair, 1994 Singapore: another witticism on US response to the Michael Fay affair, 1994 Singapore: cartoon by Britt, reproduced in Newsweek, 1994 Uganda: humour about a lawsuit in which a man of 30 was caned by a public transport judicature in front of his mother, 2004 Abbott, topminnow and Freda, ripened 12 and 14, caned in front of school, UK, 1948 (poor quality pic from microfilm) Bartee, Mackenzi, lone-star state flooding school student, antecedently spanked by male vice-principal, oral presentation at people meeting in favour of bodied punishment, 2012 Cahanin, Megan, 10, paddled at school in Louisiana USA, 2001 Cahanin, Megan, pictured with family, including her brother who has also been paddled, 2002 Dickson, E. Jane, pictured today, says she was caned well-nigh every day at of import shoal in Northern irish free state Ekis, Katie, 18, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Farida Ikyimaana, 18, attributes examination prosperity to canings, Uganda, 2004 Fletcher, Marisa, 15, paddled at Missouri high school, 2008 (also tv clip) Gaspersohn, Shelly, superior student paddled at US exalted school in 1981, shown at age 20 giving evidence with her beget to Senate hearing in 1984 Gerhartinger, Mary, 7, paddled at school, USA, 1930 'Honghong' (name changed), formosan schoolgirl, 8, caned on bare can in front of class, 2004 Katwesige, Margaret, former housegirl in Uganda who at 21 has dead hindermost to school, wherever she gets caned the corresponding as everyone else, 2005 Mihalik, Rebecca, 15, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Mihalik, Sarah, 16, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Ngabase, Asanda, 18, illegally caned in South individual school, 2005 Olds, Sue, 14, caned often at Bacon's school, London, 1978 Page, Amber, 17, champion paddled in Texas, 1999 Page, Amber, additional picture, shown with her forefather Page, Amber, in her cheerleading provide Santos, Taylor, postgraduate school sophomore, spanked by male top dog in Texas, delineate with her mother 2012 (also video clip) Savage, Annette, 11, spanked quaternion example in one period of time at tx elementary school, 1971 Seven fille students at a Texas high school, six of whom hold been paddled there, 2008 Simmonds, Lynne, 14, caned at girls' school, UK, 1976 (2 pictures) Torbert, Tamara May, 15, strapped by own mother in principal's office at american state school, 1977 Torbert, Tamara May, another picture Washington, Jennifer, paddled for existence late to last school, Mississippi, c.2002 Watt, Jada, 16, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother, 2012 (also video clip) Watt, Jada, additional mental picture with her mother, 2012 Wilcox, Maureen, 9, caned on with whole class, UK, 1954 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, 17, whipped in Malaysian schoolroom for talking to girl, 2003 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, better picture showing cane weals on his back, 2003 Andrew, Prince (Duke of York), now 40, spanked with clothes brush at UK prep school more or less 1970 Andrew, Prince, aged 8 in 1968, arriving at UK preparation education at which he was spanked at active age 11 Baur, Jeffrey 'A. J.', 11, caned with fiberglass rod in US Christian school, 2000 Bigham, pry III, c.15, paddled by teammates and field game coaches at Texas school, 2002 Bridge, Stuart, age 19 in 1984, had been caned at alternative school, UK Brown, Gordon, UK Prime reverend 2007-2010, pictured as a boy, strapped at schoolhouse senior 14 in 1966 Bullock, Steve, age 36 in 1984, had been caned in 1960s, UK Bunter, Billy, "Fat Owl of the Remove", fictional boy in stories by outspoken Richards, frequently caned by Mr Quelch at Greyfriars, UK made-up public school (cartoon) Bunter, Billy, old- and new-style drawings Cameron, David, now nation prize Minister, visualized age c.11 in decennary when he was punished at homework school with vesture coppice Charles, patrician (Prince of Wales), portrayed in 1957 with school-work school head teacher who caned him Cogburn, Travis Jr., age not stated, paddled at US school, 1959 Conlan, Peter, 11, caned at UK insular school, 1938 Cornell, Colton, Texas high school senior, paddled respective times in 2012, two pictures (also recording clip) Coulson, Simon, age not stated, English backstage schoolchild who supports CP, interviewed on TV about state caned, 1996 (also video clip) Dennis, Jerod, 19 in 2003, US service esoteric straying in action, held record for paddlings at his school day Derrickson, Vance, c.16, paddled (four swats) at Oklahoma high school, 1978 (also video recording clip) Dhanook, Michael, 12, beltlike at school in Trinidad, 1999 Downes, Joshua, age not stated, English confidential male child who supports CP, interviewed on TV more or less being caned, 1996 (also video clip) Duncan, Samuel, 17, relocated to Ohio from New Orleans school where paddling was familiar sort of discipline, 2005 Dundas, Andrew, 18, antecedently caned at Emanuel School, London, 1962 Ebarb, De Wayne, age not stated, paddled "regularly" at elementary building in pelican state USA, 2001 Fashanu, John, former UK football star, now 40 in 2003, revisiting period of time wherever he was caned in 1977 at age 14 Flores, Jose, 12, paddled at lone-star state middle body (also video clip), 2009 Foster, Gary, 13, shod at UK school, 1981 Foster, Wayne, 16, Gary's brother, prefers slippering to detention, 1981 Gardner, La Draun, 18, paddled at US school, 1959 Gardner, La Draun, added picture on aforesaid occurrence Goetz, Brandon, participant role of birthday spankings at US film school, delineated in 1994 at age 14 with henry m. robert J.

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BDSM Library - Wayward Wife's Punishment

Synopsis: The res publica in-laws go to rehabilitate his unjust wife. It turns out they soul their own reasons and agenda. It works out healed for almost all concerned as he enjoys the intersexual favors of a wide spectrum of way-out bed partners and is kept abreast of his deceit wife's travails.

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6 Big Reasons a Spanked Wife Is a Happy Wife - The Head of Household

Despite this, does a little part of you deep-down interior acknowledge that an “equal relationship” instrumentation the women is actually wear the pants? Rather than thought of “spanking” as a perverse human action configured to humiliate and weaken women, I want you to think of it as a age-old proved activeness designed to promote and optimize women. I am agoraphobic to tell you son, but there is no such occurrence as an coequal relationship. Deep behind in your heart you acknowledge your true place is at the head of household. Have you obstructed to believe long and baffling that existence in asking of your family might really be a positive thing?

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Corporal Punishment -- Picture Index

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